The Society of Visually Impaired Lawyers

List of Activities

SOVIL aims to undertake the following activities, amongst others:

  1. To maintain this website as the first point of contact for anyone interested in practicing or studying law as a visually impaired person in the UK.
  2. To maintain a yahoogroup email list through which members can exchange views and information, or post questions, on subjects of common interest; the list is also open to non-members who share this common interest. To join the email group, send a blank email to You will receive an automated response. Follow the instructions in the email that you receive to confirm joining the list. Instructions to unsubscribe from the list appear at the bottom of each email posted to the list.
  3. To work to ensure that members have ready access to periodicals such as the New Law Journal and Times Law Reports, and to lobby legal publishers to improve accessibility of legal databases for visually impaired students and practitioners.
  4. To consider and respond to government and other consultations on proposed changes in substantive law, legal practice and other issues likely to affect members in pursuing their studies and careers.
  5. To assist law students, trainees and newly-qualified practitioners by putting them in touch with members of SOVIL able and willing to offer mentoring and/or advice on how they might tackle practical problems arising from visual impairment in the context of their studies and/or careers in the law.
  6. To be a focus to answer enquiries made about careers for visually impaired people in the law; about the Society's members, their professional specialisms; and, generally, to act as a source of information about the professional activities of members.
  7. To foster relations with and, if appropriate, to seek representation on bodies concerned with areas of legal practice and to appoint representatives to such bodies.
  8. To assist candidates to negotiate with examining bodies if additional time for sitting examinations, or other modifications, are reasonably needed by visually impaired candidates.